Friday, June 22, 2007

Waiting for answer

Why and why not? Have or have not? And accept or not? Who knows? Almost nobody! Why? You know it well, don’t you? NO! Because everyone discusses it from his point of view and nobody tries to have good reasons. They say it's obligation but they do not mention the way it should be. They say that God has determined it for women and there's no other way, but they've forgotten to say that God has even ordered men to have it as well, They say it's very good, but they've never mentioned that this way of Hijab helps women work and go out of their home more sound and safe in front of the un-Hijabed eyes of men, Even they have turned it upside down and they say that a Hijabed woman must stay at home in order to keep her Hijab. Why? Nobody knows!!! Asking from different girls and boys , you will understand that always there is something in their ego that makes them cover up themselves in front of strangers, even they concern the way they dress in different places, one of them told that she is even shameful to show her arms in a mixed party….and the other said that she can't bear a man gazing at her all the time ( even he is her cousin)
All of these words help us understand something:
The rules of God are equal for both men and women but not similar. If God has made women to cover their body from strangers , He has ordered men to be careful about their eyes, and it’s considered as Hijab for men. So both men and women must have Hijab but in different way.
Also it’s worthy to mention that if someone wants to show the kindness of Deity to people, he or she should not force people to obey the rules, but instead s/he must remind them the philosophy or the ideology behind such rules. If such work’s done, then there remains no need to oblige people to obey, and on the contrary, people themselves will go toward the rules and they will enjoy obeying instead of hating.
At the end, I should remind that God loves all of His creatures, He knows them well so He asks them to do something which is advantageous for them. If we want to have a good life we have to obey His rules.
To be a vegetarian?
How can you obtain the protein that your body needs?
How can you be forgetful about the taste of these delicious foods?
Are you a vegetarian and you eat egg and drink milk?
These are the frequently asked questions about vegetarians.
Ordinary people who do not have sufficient information about vegetarians are constantly asking such questions.
At first let’s know what’s the definition of a vegetarian:
A vegetarian is a person who eats exclusively vegetable foods and abstains from some or any form of animal foods.
According to this definition , there are some vegetarians who consume some limited animal-derived foods but however they’re considered as a vegetarian. So, for knowing the dissimilarities, we should be familiar with different groups of vegetarian:
Vegan: eliminate all foods from animals, including meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs and cheese. They eat only plant-based foods.
Lacto-vegetarian: consume milk and milk products along with plant-based foods. They omit eggs as well as meat, fish and poultry.
Lacto-ovo vegetarian: omit red meat, fish and poultry but eat eggs, milk and milk products, such as cheese and yogurt, in addition to plant-based foods.
By introducing these three groups, the answer to the third question is completely clarified. But answering to the other questions is not this much easy.
Studies have shown that every vegetable contains a certain amount of protein. If this amount is measured, it’s revealed that ,for example, soy beans content of protein is as much as meat. So vegetarians shouldn’t be worry about the protein.
About the taste of animal-derived foods; I think they shouldn’t be anxious about, because cookers have created such great tastes that some of them are even more delicious than other foods.
At the end, I should ask you that by considering this much of advantages don’t you think that It’s worthy for us to be vegetarian or not?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

le village aux mille couleur ...

L’histoire que je vais vous conter s’est passée il y a bien longtemps, dans un petit village de Provence. L’été avait apporté cette année-là sécheresse et désolation. Les champs de lavande étaient brûlés par le soleil, les arbres dénudés ne résonnaient plus de chants d’oiseaux, même les cigales se taisaient. Une profonde torpeur paralysait la nature et un lourd silence emprisonnait peu à peu le cœur des hommes. Tout le pays agonisait. Puis, une nuit plus chaude encore que les autres, un étranger est arrivé dans ce pays maudit. Un chapeau mou cachait son visage, ses vêtements étaient vieux et usés et il avait pour tout bagage une petite valise en tissu. Il s’est dirigé vers une ferme abandonnée et est entré dans la bâtisse dont les portes et les fenêtres délabrées étaient ouvertes aux quatre vents. L’intérieur était vide hormis un grand chevalet sur lequel était posée une toile gris sale. L’étranger a ouvert sa valise et a déposé par terre un petit coffret de métal doré. Il s’est installé devant le chevalet, a enlevé son chapeau et alors ses longs cheveux se sont déroulés jusqu’au sol. Il a pris une mèche de ses cheveux et l’a trempée dans le petit coffret. Il a commencé à peindre et, au fur et à mesure que ses cheveux touchaient la toile, on pouvait voir apparaître des champs verdoyants, des arbres en fleur, des ruisseaux dont l’eau claire rafraîchissait l’atmosphère. Dans le ciel encore immaculé, il a ensuite tracé d’innombrables petits nuages virevoltant sous la brise légère qui venait de se former dans ce paysage fantasmagorique. Alors, contemplant son œuvre presque achevée, l’étranger a ajouté sa signature. A ce moment-là, le tableau a pris vie et s’est déroulé dans la maison d’abord, puis courant vers la porte, il s’est répandu dans tout le pays. Les villageois accouraient de partout, tirés de leur sommeil par la lumière éclatante qui éblouissait leurs yeux incrédules. Tous ensemble, ils ont remonté le chemin du tableau. Quand ils sont arrivés à la ferme, la toile était redevenue gris sale et l’étranger avait disparu. La vie avait repris ses droits et depuis ce temps-là, cet endroit s’appelle le village aux mille couleurs.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

meme si vous
ne le voyez pas
de bon oeil
le paysage n'est pas laid
c'est votre oeil
qui peut-etre est

by Jacques Prevet

please don't laugh

When I was 9 yrs old , I was going to fast for the first time.I got up in the morning and before Azan I ate a meal. Then I slept and after an hour I got up again in order to go to mother asked me if I had taken my Petit Beurre for the break in the school and as I was very fond of eating ,I said no and eagerly I went to take it. Suddenly I saw my parents laughing at me ;
Oh! yes,I was fasting!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

My Country : IRAN

Spring, summer , fall and winter, all have gathered in a land of 1648195 km . Iran is one of the most beautiful countries in which you can find these four seasons all together . The north is always rainy, the south hot and oceanic ,the west and north–west always cold and most of the time snowy , the east hot and dry ,and in the center part , two deserts are widened. So by these different climates, different plants and different landscapes came to existence.
Beside these landscapes , big cities are found over this country ,Tehran, Isfahan , Mashad , Tabriz are some of them. Tehran is the capital and it involves 13 million of population . Isfahan is an industrial city and Mashad a holy one.
Iranian people are very kind and generous. They follow a lot of customs remained from their ancestors. They prefer to live in peace but in the time of war , they sacrifice themselves for their country.
I think living in Iran is very good and joyful because you can have all the things that you need for a comfortable life. lots of different fruits and delicious meals ,equipments for modern life ,public transportation , etc .
I hope up to now I could give you a very little piece of information , but on the next time I will give you more and I hope you come to see my country.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


One of the best celebrations in many eastern countries is Norouz. Iran is one of these countries that celebrate this ceremony. Norouz has a great importance for Iranian, because it's a traditional customs which they inherit from their fathers. This ceremony is a welcome to spring and by a new season people tries to renew their life, their manner, and even their clothes. Two months before Farvardin (the first month of spring) they start to make tidy every corner of their house, from the kitchen to the bathroom they wash every thing .then they go for shopping, new clothes is the first thing strikes to their minds, then they go for nuts because it's a custom that they welcome their guests with nuts, another elements in their list of shopping are cakes and candies by which they make more sweet their ceremony. When the cleaning and shopping are finished, every family tries to make a beautiful HAFTSEEN. This is a cloth in which you can find seven things which their names start with S. (Sabzeh, Somagh, Samanoo, Senjed, Serkeh, Seeb, Sekkeh) and also Qoran , little red fishes and a mirror can be find in this cloth . Every of these elements is a sign of something, e.g. Sabzeh is the sign of freshness and blessing, etc.